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The Scientific Publishing House of a Medical Profile
Evereth Publishing is a team of people with many years of experience in the medical publishing industry. We publish scientific journals, books, guides, compendia and educational materials. Our publications consist of scientific works created by the prominent personalities of Polish medicine, with whom we have the honour and pleasure to cooperate for many years.
Conferences, symposia and medical events

We organise the foremost medical conferences, symposia, congresses, workshops and branch meetings. Our projects are distinguished by a high quality level, modernity and multidisciplinarity. We lay emphasis on professionalism and individual approach – each of our solutions is adapted to the specific needs of our recipients.

We provide a comprehensive organisation of events, professional services, photo & video package, development of the concept of substantive message, extensive promotion and many, many more.

The area for a multidisciplinary dialogue

Our passion is to extend education in the medical communities and we devote all the effort of Evereth Publishing to do it on the highest level.

An essential element of our events and publications is also multidisciplinarity – our mission is to create an area for a multidisciplinary dialogue in the medical profession. We accomplish that mainly during the conferences – especially during our own series of events titled ‘The Wound Management Forum’. We believe that only a diversified, open to dialogue, interdisciplinary team is able to gain a spectacular success in treatment as well as support the development of Polish and international medicine.

Custom publishing

We believe that strength of development in Polish medical areas lies in the constant spread of medical knowledge in the expert community of medicine doctors and pharmacists as well as among patients. We also aim to build a multidisciplinary bridge between specialist from various branches of the medical and pharmaceutical environment.

We provide the custom publishing services for years in the best quality and at the highest substantive level of publications. We know how to create absorbing and professional publications that will attract readers’ attention and emphasise the prestige of author’s scientific work.

Cooperation with Evereth Publishing
We are open to various proposals for cooperation made by our recipients. If you are interested in publishing your paper in one of our medical journals, if you have an idea for an interesting book devoted to any aspect of medicine, or you would like to organise an engaging and modern medical conference for nurses, doctors or pharmacists – we are always at your disposal.

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Our team

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The President of the Board
Mariola Piotrowska

The expert in medical publishing industry with over 20 years of experience. Devoted all her professional career to work in many scientific publishing houses of a medical profile, including international and world-renowned ones. She has completed numbers of national and international trainings concerning procedures for the preparation and management of scientific information spread as well as the citation system. She coordinated dozens of scientific press titles and books from various fields of medicine.

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In 2017, for the XX Anniversary of the Children Memorial Health Institute Mariola Piotrowska was granted with distinction and a diploma of recognition for outstanding contribution to the development of the Institute. As the long-time active member of the Polish Wound Management Association, in 2005 she was awarded the budge of the ‘Meritorious for the Eastern Center For Burn Treatment and Reconstructive Surgery in Łęczna’ for her active work for development and education in that complex field of medicine. With passion and dreams of a publishing house focused on combining a high substantive level with attractive design and new technologies, in 2009 she established the publishing house – Evereth Publishing. Today, as a part of the activity of Evereth, she cooperates with prominent personalities of Polish medicine, scientific societies and other opinion-forming scientific groups as well as with authors of valuable scientific papers that can be found in our journals and books. She manages the team and builds the strategy of Evereth Publishing, which activity includes not only the publication of journals and scientific books, but also the organisation of conferences, trainings, symposia and pageantries, the implementation of videos and documentaries as well as the management of medical websites.

The Vice-president of the Board
Kamil Piotrowski

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+48 661 282 338

Business Development Director
Krzysztof Nowiński

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+48 724 995 604

PR & Marketing Manager
Katarzyna Markiewicz

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Graphic Designer
Arkadiusz Kwiatkowski

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Initiating editor
Monika Gostołek

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Managing Editor
Dorota Zwierzchowska

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+48 885 243 441

Patrycja Goss

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